Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Year A New Me!!

Well school has started and I'm looking forward to a fun semester of homework and more test!! I really like my professors. I did meet a guy in my math class very nice so far. He is an author and has a book out it looks like a good one. He was funny with his pick up line. He asked me what my name was I told him Tamar and of course he said he has never heard that before. I told him of course I'm one of a kind! Well then he proceeds to ask me if he can use my name for a charactor in his third book I said sure I don't mind. He then tells me that the name is for a princess of all things! Really a princess how did he know?! Its been really fun talking to him and I'm sure when we go out on Saturday it will be funn! So the one strange thing is that he might look and sound like Mike! spookey!! Mike had great potintail and there was lots of things that where nic.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Break Fun Fun!

Well finals are over and my vacation has started so now I can sleep! Palmer has other things on his mind he has been sick for 7 days now- and he is a moaner!! I don't like it when kids are sick its just no fun! I have to let him go with his dad for christmas and that makes me very sad! I don't share well as we all know. Cortney wants to go and see here sister and Mike changes his mind so much that now she has to go for christmas too!! So I will have only 2 kids for Christmas this year and I DONT LIKE IT!!!!!

So the other night I got into my van and was driving home and all of the sudden I hear a mans voice coming from behind me! It said UUGH I'm every bodies dream. I yelled WHAT!!??? and threw my van in park and jumped out, I slowly walked back up to the van to see the crazy man that I new was laying in the back of my van waiting to kill me! I looked and saw nothing in the back nothing under the seat so where the heck was the mans voice coming from? Well when I was calm enough to get back in I did and I start to drive again and what do I hear The mans voice again!! What the heck where was it coming from?! I had to look everywhere and wouldn't you know it was a stupid Crack Donalds toy a Hippo that says "UUGH I'm every Hippos Dream!" well I think it was more of a nightmare!! So now I'm not keeping the talking toys anymore they are evil!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Okay so I'm not real good at this blog thing- It is just one more thing to do!!! No I think about it all the time "Oh I should update my life, Humm but I think I will go to sleep" That is usually how it works! So where do I begin..........? Well lets do good news first Cortney is legally mine we had court a few weeks back and signed all the papers with the judge. We gave Cortney the chance to run but she still chose to stay!! So when Josh moved out she got her own room and we(my mom and Tricia and Cortney not me!!) painted it. She fixed up her dresser and has made a really cute room! Teah now has her own room and spends a lot of time in there. She just did a boutique and made a few wallets to sell and they turned out real cute( again with the cute word) Her new favorite thing is to play with this phone that her daddy got her (Rhegan has one too but that is a long story) She is doing great in school I can't wait for her to someday sing a solo. I wish she would just let it out she IS black you know! Rhegan is still being wonderful and sharing a room with Spiderman. She has been my fathers home teaching companion for the last couple months she is great fun! Palmer is every super hero around. He is Justis league all by himself! We joke that if he gets into a fight he is going to try and shoot a web at them or Ben Ten on them!! Today he was telling me about some store that he wanted to go to and I told him I didn't know where it was- he told me that it was past Wal-mart you know behind it- I said I don't know where that is- He says well we can get a map and read it and then we can find it! What maps has he been reading? I really want to try and write at least once a week so people don't think I have fallen off the face of the earth!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

My life

My life is so-oo busy right now with school and homework and kids! I love it because I'm always doing something but sometimes I would like to slow down just a little bit! I told my parents and kids that after this semester I was going to quit. I told them I know everything that I need to know! HAHA HA Right! I have like ten more years of this!! I did get a 91 on my last math test!! I think even my teacher was shocked he put "Very Good" on it.
Oh the joy of teens just keeps getting better! I try to remind myself that I didn't like my mom too much when I was a teen so my girls not liking me is just to be expected! But it SUCKS!!!! I don't like being the evil mom! I have court for Cortney in a couple of weeks to get permanent custody of her. I told her now is your chance to make a break for it, she just looks at me like I'm crazy(well really I am!)It would break my heart if she left! Teah tells me she could go live with her dad. He said she can't come live with him just so she doesn't have to listen to me!! Ha Ha it's great to have him be so supportive can't change the past but at lest he is here now!! Rhegan is still pretty sweet to me every once in a while I might get some flack from her but not really! Palmer is just on crazy boy! I love having a boy so much he loves me so much! I'm still his best mom ( how long does that last?)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So it has been a while since I updated my life postings!! Heck where has all my time gone?? School is sucking all my time away!! I know I said that I would post belly dancing footage and I will someday when I figure out how to put it on here! Life is great kids are great! Cortneys Birthday is Sunday She will be 14 I can't believe it! Then it will be Teah and she is going to be 15 and then Rhegan will be 13 what has happened to all my babies!! Palmer tells me he has to growup how else will he get to be like Spider man?!! Dang Spider man making my last baby grow!! Can't they stay small? Its like you can't wait for them to start walking and talking and then its like over night you loose your babies and they wake up with bad breath!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

One more Day of Joy!!

So I'm finding studying and life are sometimes hard to do. I have this problem I would rather do anything else but homework! Like yesterday we did some running around, I can't go into detail because if Cortney reads this the rule will be broken. The rule you ask? Well it goes whenever one of the kids( even grown kids) are gone we as a family do nothing but sit around and think about how much we miss them! So I had some running around to do and we didn't get back until like late p.m. By then I was to sleepy to do much studying I read but that put me out for the count!! So today after church I went up the canyon to do some homework. I found a really good spot. I got my fire going and my chair set up and was minding my own business when out of nowhere 2 Does( Doe a deer a female deer!) Came running down the hill right at me! I was like WO! The deers stopped and looked at me and ran back up the hill, right out onto the street. There were cars so the does ran back down the hill and at full speed were running right at me!! Here I am in one of those reclining chairs and for anyone who has tried to get out of one knows you can not do it fast! The only thing I could think of was to make a noise so they would see me before they ran me over I yelled "hey" because deers understand what that means right! Well it worked they stopped in mid jump no more than 6 ft away from me! They stared at me and then made a sharp turn and ran up the mountain behind me! I thought for sure I was going to be ran over and be able to be on the show When Wild Animals Attack! It was pretty crazy, cool but crazy! It started to rain shortly after that I stuck around until the Thunder and Lighting started and that was my que to go home. When I got home Cortney called and told Teah that all Mike feeds Palmer is power bars for every meal that just added to my happy thoughts about him I already had! My loving mom was making cookies and the dough was sitting there waiting for someone to eat it so I told them (Mom and Tricia) forget the spoon I want a bowl!!! Tricia wouldn't let me she said something about "We don't stress eat, lets do something else!". Of course we do what is she thinking! Really it was a good idea because we decided to practice our belly dancing ruotine. We might (well really we do ) have a performance on Friday!! That means you too Aunt July!! I need all the practice I can get! So we went over it 500 times and then the next thing I knew Traci and Addie were there ( Teah and Rhegan were already there) and we might of ended up having a dance athon on the back porch. Traci can still do the electric train I'm so proud of her!! Addie has the bootie shake down that move alone can get her into the class! Tommorow I get to drive to Burley Idaho (I da HO no you da HO)and pick up my missing children! I really miss them when they go> it's like oh great less kids but then it's like oh I really do miss them! Oh and of course they can't ever all be gone at the same time it's always two by two! That wont help my dating! HAHAHA I kill myself ! FYI Traci was the one to add my school picture and I promise I didn't put comments about myself from myself just in case you thought I really lost it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School Pictures

When Tamar dropped Palmer off at my house on the first day of school I was told by our mom to get a picture. So here it is. Isn't she the cutest college girl you ever did see!?